Abe Wenning

User Experience Research & Design


I'm a UX generalist with experience in all aspects of user experience design, from brainstorming initial concepts and working with stakeholders through protoyping, user testing and beyond. I specialize in user research, information architecture and rapid prototyping.

I take great care designing interactions that delight users and stakeholders alike, and enjoy finding unique solutions to design challenges.

Microsoft • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation • Delta Airlines • Ashley Furniture • P&G • State Street • USDA • and others

If you'd like to learn more about my process or the work that I've done, you can find me on: LinkedIn.


Most of my work is under NDA, so I can't share it fully here. Below are some examples of recent projects; I'm happy to walk through any of these in more detail.

Fortune 100 Software company

As part of a long-term program, I partnered with various groups in the organization to understand "core" user experiences, and improve them by enabling a user-centric approach. Our method was to start broad, often with few or no requirements, perform primary user research, and then progressively narrow down to tactical design activities that could improve experiences incrementally through a repeatable framework.


Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines was implementing a new way for flight attendants to easily take and manage passenger orders during flights. Our team was brought in to analyze the requirements, and to design the best experience possible for both customers and flight attendants. Given the context of the airplane, I worked at the level of micro-interactions, to make sure every detail of the experience was smooth, easy to do, and minimized error. Application is now live on all Delta Airlines flights.


Ashley Furniture

Our team was brought in to help AF transition from a brick-and-mortar mindset to a digital business. We started by running a week of workshops to help them clarify their goals and vision for the new site, and to begin understanding their users and their business problem, which we then applied to wireframes and visual design comps. Our team worked hard to design an information architecture model that provided customers with intuitive ways to shop.


Credit Monitoring Company

Our team worked closely with stakeholders to help define the vision and the experience for a service that provided easy credit checks for landlords and their potential tenants. Our process involved revisiting existing requirements and suggesting improvements based on an understanding of user behavior, then designing the experience through a series of sketches, wireframes, and an extensive prototype for usability testing.